Dorothy Gale

Born and raised on a Kansas farm by her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry, Gale joined the Army and put her engineering skills to good use.


A faithful companion to the end, Target Objective Tactical Overwatch, or TOTO for short, was created by Gale and is always at her side.


For standing up against her evils, the West Watcher had Scarecrow burned at the stake and destroyed that which was most precious to him. Mistakenly thought dead, the Scarecrow of OZ seeks to exact vengeance against those who wronged him.

Tin Man

A former A.I. soldier for the Watcher of the West who gained his sentience during a bloody skirmish against the OZ Resistance. The Tin Man now perceives the world with a childlike sense of wonder as he seeks to find his place within it.


A genetic hybrid of lion and man, Lion is a veteran of many grueling battles to free OZ from the Watcher of the West’s tyrannical reign. He lives in seclusion, hurt by the loss of his entire platoon; an event for which he blames himself.

Howard Gale

Father of Dorothy and Brother of Henry. Howard Gale is integral to the creation of OZ.

Henry Gale

Uncle to Dorothy Gale, Henry took care of Dorothy after her father disappeared when she was only twelve years old. He and his wife Emily do their best to survive the broken world.

Oscar Emmanuel Diggs

A mysterious figure, the CEO of Emmanu-Corp and the architect of the hidden world of OZ.

The Watchers

A.I. Constructs created by Oscar Emmanuel Diggs. The four Watchers were each given control of a sector of OZ. The Watchers have taken control of their sectors into their own hands. For good or bad.

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